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The advantages of SA Création

As you can see, our support is comprehensive from beginning to end. It often begins with the establishment of your specifications. Other services around the stand, developed over years of experience, will bring you more comfort.

Coordinate discussions with the show organizer

We are aware that our clients do not always have a person in charge of events within their structure. Exhibiting at a show requires careful preparation and discussion time with show organizers is essential.
This is why we frequently offer our customers to coordinate the event on their behalf..
With the organizers’ architecture department, we validate the conformity of your stand project, abiding by the rules of the show. Moreover, with their technical services, we take care of establishing the technical orders necessary to the proper functioning of the stand (main electrical supply controls, rigging, water connection, wifi, cleaning, etc).

You just need to focus on your invitations for the day of the fair!


Storage and refurbishment


In order to keep your stand in the best possible conditions and as you may not have room at home, we have a storage space of 600 m² in our warehouses.

The following year at the same fair, or for a new fair, it will be easy to reuse your exhibition stand and all these elements.

More than simply storing your stand, when you want to reuse it, our team of technicians can intervene to restore it brand new, ready for your new event.

You may also need to adapt your stand to a different surface area. In this case, we take a close look at what can be done to adapt it in the best possible way, to enlarge or reduce it.

And for this reason, we are always trying to develop sustainable solutions. As much as possible, we re-use materials to cut down on waste: paint old partitions in another color, re-use of glassware and bulbs in shop windows, etc.


Follow you to an international fair


For many of our customers, we usually travel to France, Paris, Lyon or Monaco. Additionally, we are able to follow some of them to international fairs.

In this case, after the design phase, we find and make use of local craftsmen on your behalf, to build your stand on site. We closely follow its manufacture and manage for you, its delivery, its installation and its dismantling at the exhibition premises.

Now let’s talk together about your stand project
Which fair are you going to exhibit on? How big is your stand?
While waiting to meet us, get inspired by our achievements.

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